Bell Bag Embroidered Beret!

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Please note that this listing is a PREORDER! If you order this beret, it will arrive 2-8 weeks after. We can only make a certain number of berets per day/per week, so the earliest orders will get theirs sooner. Please do not order if you're not willing to wait! Thank you!

Berets are 70% wool, 30% synthetic wool, with a circumference of ~22 inches/58 centimeters. There is a slight amount of stretch as well, and may fit a head circumference up to ~25 inches.

Although the yellow beret sample does not show this, each beret will have fourteen hand set gold grommets for the ribbon to weave through. This means the ribbon can be removed if you'd like. 

The large satin bow on top will be attached via a brooch backing, so it can be removed. The bells are securely tied to the bow with a thin ribbon, so it can be removed. The bells do jingle!

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