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Frog & Mushroom Side Bag!

Frog & Mushroom Side Bag!

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Features a smooth cream-colored strap with gold adjustment buckles, plus gold zippers and pulls throughout the bag. Shell and interior all 100% cotton. Outside is not waterproof like our fanny packs, but are durable and will not stain easily!

Front of bag has two zippered pockets - the smallest one can fit keys and wallet, the one behind it can fit a small notebook and cell phone. The main compartment can fit a Nintendo Switch (regular or lite, also tested inside a carrying case which fits too!) The main compartment has a small zippered pouch that is perfect for small items like memory cards, lipstick, or face mask. Back side also has a zipper compartment the same size as the very front one.

Bag measurements: 10" from top to bottom, 8.25" from left to right side, 5" thick. Bottom of main compartment is interfaced - interfaced piece is 3.5" thick. Maximum strap length is 53”.

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Customer Reviews

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they weren't lyin

froggy bag is perfect! it's big enough to fit a lot of my art stuff in here without feeling like i'm lugging around a huge purse. it's super cute and i'm already in love with it! 10/10 would recommend!

Robert Ryan
Love It!

Pre-ordered this bag and it met all the requirements i needed! Has plenty of space, has a cute and fun pattern, and the strap was long enough to fit on me comfortably as a bigger person. Very satisfied!

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10/10 would buy again

I took this bag on a trip through South Korea and Japan. The amount of shit I was able to fit into this bag while still having it fit under the seat in front of me on every plane was insane. My mum calls it "the ugliest thing she's ever seen", but she clearly doesn't understand its the peak of bag evolution. It's perfect just the way it is.


Love this bag! Very well made, spacious and super cute.


I love this bag so much! I can carry so much stuff and keep it all organized. The description says you can carry a Switch in here which is true. It won’t hold my 10.2” iPad (which is about the size of a composition notebook). However, I can easily carry my old iPad mini and my A5 bullet journal with a ton of room left over. The wide band handle helps to distribute the weight if you carry more than I do. Plus, every time I use this bag I feel like an Animal Crossing character.

Lyndsay Rae
My go-to bag!

The froggy bag is not only beautiful, but super useful! There are so many pockets and each one can fit so much stuff comfortably. Very comfortable and cute.