Current preorder updates (7/29): Pride ribbons have been received and we are starting to make all of the hair bows and putting together extra ribbon sets. We are also embroidering all of the buttonholes on the crew neck sweatshirts and getting those laced up! The cardigans for the Pride and Lavender Sprigs are still in production and should arrive within the next month.

Mini backpacks & circle cloud purses are expected to be finished in the next two weeks; please also allow a few weeks for shipping.

We have enough wool currently in our studio to begin over half of the preordered berets! Some of you will receive shipping notifications as soon as next week. For more popular colors such as onyx, lavender almond, cream, and rose quartz, we have ordered more wool and it should arrive in a couple of weeks.

Love, the Clammy Heart team

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669 reviews
Awesome quality

I love it, it’s very durable for colder weather and the design is just beautiful. Only complaint is I thought it would be less bigger, and it fits differently on my head compared to the older berets. I love it, but I almost feel like it will slide out since it doesn’t have the comb pieces in, But overall the elastic inside Great for easy hold.

Cozy and cute!

This blanket is SO cute, and it's a great size! (Just a bit smaller than a queen size blanket.) Super soft and cuddly, arrived quickly, and great quality.

Absolutely Lovely!!!

I was so excited to receive this beret and when it arrived, it was amazing! It’s a beautiful work of art and I’m so thrilled to have it and support such an amazing small business.


Came quick and so so so cute! I love it! :)

Braved a wool allergy for this and it was worth it

I’m severely allergic to wool and it makes my head break out but you know what it’s gorgeous and well-made and completely worth it. I’m in love. I feel like strawberry shortcake when I wear it with my strawberry dress. I was expecting a less yellow-tinted color but it’s not a problem at all. Absolutely gorgeous.