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Gingham Knitted Cardigans!

Gingham Knitted Cardigans!

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We have decided not to produce the Watermelon design, or size small, as it was very unpopular. Thank you for understanding!

100% cotton jacquard knit cardigan, unisex sizing, two front pockets and buttonless silhouette. These are thicker than the intarsia knit Moon Bunnies/Fruits sweaters we have released in the past! Jacquard knit is very soft and more durable.

Cardigan patterns were illustrated by Clammy Heart and feature a cute gingham background. Please see the last photo in the listing of all the sleeves together in natural light with minimal editing to get the best idea of how the patterns appear in real life!

Please see the cardigan size chart for your best fit! They are very similar in size to all cardigans we have released in the past.

Our model is wearing several different sizes in these photos. Watermelon and Oranges are size Small. Strawberries are size Large. Blueberries and Frog & Mushroom are size XL. Model is 5'7".

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Customer Reviews

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aaliyah hamilton
absolutely adorable

so cute and so warm!!! absolutely adore this cardigan i cant wait for winter. will definitely be getting more.

So cute and so so soft

I'm in love with this cardi!! I've wanted to buy something from clammyheart for ages and I'm so glad I did. this is definitely gonna become my go to jacket I'm obsessed. it's so soft and comfy and also adorable. cannot recommend enough

In Love

I had to get the strawberry one. It's so cute and comfy, very happy with my purchase!

Stephanie Freund
Beautiful Blueberry Cardigan!

I ma going to wear this all of fall and spring I swear. It is thick without being heavy and the colors are stunning! These pockets are so deep too!

Orange orange Orange

I ordered the orange one and I LOvE It!! 🥰 🥰 it’s hella cute and comfy! I wish I bought the order fruits lol

Soft and cozy! Great quality too (see review for sizing advice)

I am a size 2XL in most clothes and I contacted ClammyHeart since I was unsure about sizing and was wondering if the cotton cardigan would shrink. IT DOES SHRINK!! For me that is a good thing since I ordered a size up (3XL) and when I first got it and tried it on it was really uncomfortable, loose, and baggy but AFTER A WASH it fits perfectly! It is still a little long in the sleeves but that's what I wanted so I am glad. It basically fits me now how the Blueberry variant fits the model in the pictures, with the sleeves when not rolled up having the cuffs around my last knuckle/fingertips. I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase!!

Keep in mind that to care for the garment I have been advised to air dry after washing, which can take about a day or so if left flat on a drying rack, but from what I've read that's normal for knit stuff (and you're not supposed to hang it or it might stretch out- most of this info can be found about knit garments by looking online)

As for the feel, it has a nice weight to it, and the quality of the knit is very good! I wouldn't wear this in the height of summer but on a cool day it feels so cozy! Definitely feels like a high quality item and worth the money to me. I also love the design- keep in mind if you get the blueberry version the blueberries are like plum sized in person, so it confused my kid brother lol even though it was obvious to me they were blueberries- I really like it and this will definitely be a staple part of my wardrobe. I was nervous about spending $100 on something so specialized (I usually buy walmart clothes lol) but it is definitely worth it and I am sure it will last a long time as well!

Photos taken on cloudy day. I am 5'7"