Embroidered Sleeve Baby Animal Cardigans!

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These ultra-cute and comfortable cardigans are 100% cotton, unisex fit sizes S-4XL. Knit is slightly thicker than Moon Bunnies & Animal Crossing Fruits cardigans. Knit weight is 7gg. The sweater is a nice medium weight! Features oversize wooden buttons.

IF YOU ONLY WANT THE POCKET PATCHES, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING DISCOUNT CODE IN YOUR CART: "POCKETONLYCARDIGAN" this will take off $45 from your total. Please do not use this code unless you DO NOT want sleeve embroidery!

**Please allow 8-12 weeks for fulfillment** The preorders for these Bear, Bunny, and Frog cardigans are more limited as they have to be made to order.

Washing instructions: please note that they are all cotton, so slight shrinking may occur. Wash inside out in cold water to protect the embroidery, then hang to dry. You can also low heat tumble dry them but more shrinking may occur that way. Handwash if possible to extend the life of your cardigan!

Last time we offered these, all of the embroidery had to be made into patches and sewn on. Now that we have a machine capable of it, the sleeves will be directly embroidered instead. The patch order/designs cannot be changed out for different ones as each sleeve is an entire file. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE MACHINE EMBROIDERY WILL NOT BE 100% PERFECT IN EVERY SPOT! It's likely that there will be at least one small area on your cardigan that has a tiny gap, subtle warping of the knit around the dense satin stitching, etc. We have a very strict quality control/grading system and will never send out cardigans with damage, but very minor flaws like this are to be expected due to the chunkiness of the knit.

Please email us with any further questions! clammyheartinfo@gmail.com.

Customer Reviews

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Ericka Stone
Simply gorgeous!

This is my first Clammy cardigan, I absolutely love it. I’m already getting so many compliments on the embroidery. The green is so beautiful, and my little pocket bear buddy is adorable!

Karina Figueroa
Happy Customer

Excellent customer service, thoughtful and nice business! Original Designs that make my heart burst. Can't wait to see what else Penelope comes up with!


Embroidered Sleeve Baby Animal Cardigans!

Jacqui M.
I'm actually obsessed!

I got a green cardigan with the frog embroidery, and i've actually worn it every day since it came. It was 90 degrees, but I don't care! Everybody needs to see how lovely it is!!

Ross Evans
Worth the wait and then some!

I got the yellow cardigan with bear patches and I’m so in love with it! The bear and bees and berries are so cute and the cardigan itself is super comfortable and light and the sleeves snug without them being too tight, perfect for rolling. The wooden buttons give it such a cute fall feel to it, and the yellow color is creamy and vibrant sunshine on the cuffs. I can’t wait to live in it, thank you so much! 💛


Let customers speak for us

669 reviews
Awesome quality

I love it, it’s very durable for colder weather and the design is just beautiful. Only complaint is I thought it would be less bigger, and it fits differently on my head compared to the older berets. I love it, but I almost feel like it will slide out since it doesn’t have the comb pieces in, But overall the elastic inside Great for easy hold.

Cozy and cute!

This blanket is SO cute, and it's a great size! (Just a bit smaller than a queen size blanket.) Super soft and cuddly, arrived quickly, and great quality.

Absolutely Lovely!!!

I was so excited to receive this beret and when it arrived, it was amazing! It’s a beautiful work of art and I’m so thrilled to have it and support such an amazing small business.


Came quick and so so so cute! I love it! :)

Braved a wool allergy for this and it was worth it

I’m severely allergic to wool and it makes my head break out but you know what it’s gorgeous and well-made and completely worth it. I’m in love. I feel like strawberry shortcake when I wear it with my strawberry dress. I was expecting a less yellow-tinted color but it’s not a problem at all. Absolutely gorgeous.