Lilypad Froggy Knitted Cardigan! *PREORDER*

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These ultra-cute and comfortable cardigans are 100% cotton, unisex fit sizes S-4XL. Knit is slightly thicker than Moon Bunnies & Animal Crossing Fruits cardigans. Knit weight is 7gg. The sweater is a nice medium weight perfect for fall! Each sleeve and pocket is embroidered by us in our home studio. Features oversize wooden buttons.

Also available blank, without the embroidery!Ā 

**Please allow up to 16 weeks for fulfillment** The preorders for these Bear, Bunny, and Frog cardigans are more limited as they have to be embroidered, whereas the Moon Bunnies/Animal Crossing Fruits and two-color blank cardigansĀ do not. Production of the blank cardigans should take roughly 4 weeks, plus up to 4 weeks for them to ship to the US. Embroidery may then take us another 4-8 weeks, so please be patient!! If you miss out on this preorder, there will be more available in a few months once all of the first round ones are sent out!

Washing instructions: please note that they are all cotton, so slight shrinking may occur. I'd recommend washing inside out to protect the embroidery, then hanging to dry. You can also low heat tumble dry them but more shrinking may occur that way.

Please email us with any further questions!

Customer Reviews

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High-Quality Product, Fantastic Customer Support

I am over the moon about the product I received and the support that the clammy heart team provided. I initially received the cardigan in a different color than what I had preordered, and the email I sent regarding the issue was responded to very quickly (and worded quite kindly and professionally), allowing me to send back cardigan in exchange for one of the correct color.
As for the cardigan itself, the thicker knit is very comfortable, the sizing is true to the chart provided on the website, and the embroidered patches as very well-made and placed. I could not be happier. :-)

So cute!

Clammyheart's products are always creative and made with such love and care that the moment I heard a frog product was going to be made, I jumped for it, knowing the thoughtfulness behind each product. This cardigan is so cute and I pre-ordered it immediately when I first saw it! When I finally received it, I was amazed at the amount of detail put into it. It's also warm and soft... I'm actually afraid of wearing it often because I don't want to get it dirty! Clammyheart is also extremely flexible with allowing you to customize and gives you the option between choosing which color cardigan and whether there should be designs on the sleeves. Cleaning instructions were also included in my package, which is both kind and resourceful!

I do have some suggestions that could be made in the future: for one, I would have loved to see more cardigan colors being offered, such as brown or reddish orange, as I prefer dark, natural colors more. While I do love the designs on the sleeves, originally they were supposed to be embroidered, but production issues had them changed into patches. They are for sure lovely, but they made the sleeves feel a bit stiff and if I would have realized that earlier, I probably would not have ordered them or at least ask that they be sewn on the front of the cardigan instead.

Not worth that much

Sure its cute, its a sweater so it serves its purpose, but I payed over 200 for 2 sweaters because they looked cute. Following the process on Instagram I expected higher quality but there were loose threads, not just with the patches but in the sweaters themselves. (Perhaphs from manufacturing, however I would expect quality checks before finishing the products for consumers.) The patches also had some area's of color that were off from the center. They fit nicely, they're cute and warm, but not worth the money to be honest. None the less I enjoy them and wear them often (particularly because they cost so much) I simply suggest any future buyers weigh pros and cons and decide for themselves if its worth all the money out of their pocket.

Hi Riley! We appreciate the honest feedback. We inspected each cardigan very closely before sending them out, but one or two unnoticed loose threads are to be expected, with 11 separate patches being sewn on with all different thread colors, and each sleeve sewn back together by us. What a piece of clothing is 'worth' is up to each customer and we're sorry to hear you don't think the cardigans were worth their price. Thank you for your order nonetheless and we hope you enjoy them overall :)


Lilypad Froggy Knitted Cardigan! *PREORDER*

Very comfy

They sweater is very self and warm. The project frog is the best part! The buttons do feel alittle lose but not too much trouble


Let customers speak for us

320 reviews
Very Happy!

I was so impressed with how quickly it shipped to the UK, and how detailed the tracking system was. The bag itself is amazing; so cute, great quality, and the perfect size. I'm normally hesitant to order from America but I'm very happy with my purchase and will definitely order from clammy heart again.

Super cute

It was a gift for my bff and she absolutely loved it ! Shipping was perfect from the U.S to France, there also was a cute candy and a card in the package ~ The bob is super cute and really good quality !

Gift for Good

Super cute šŸ’– I love it so much

Rosemary Hat

I absolutely love my fluffy hat! The customer service from clammy heart is so thoughtful and understanding. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and had to relocate, but I had ordered my hat before I moved. I reached out and asked if I could change the address it would be delivered to. I fully knew this might not be possible, but Clammy Heart was able to accommodate me no problem! The craftsmanship of my hat is detailed and I am very happy with my purchase. I will definitely buy again!