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These ultra-cute and comfortable cardigans are 100% cotton, unisex fit sizes S-4XL. Knit is slightly thicker than Moon Bunnies & Animal Crossing Fruits cardigans. Knit weight is 7gg. The sweater is a nice medium weight perfect for fall! Each sleeve and pocket is embroidered by us in our home studio. Features oversize wooden buttons.

Also available blank, without the embroidery! 

**Please allow up to 16 weeks for fulfillment** The preorders for these Bear, Bunny, and Frog cardigans are more limited as they have to be embroidered, whereas the Moon Bunnies/Animal Crossing Fruits and two-color blank cardigans do not. Production of the blank cardigans should take roughly 4 weeks, plus up to 4 weeks for them to ship to the US. Embroidery may then take us another 4-8 weeks, so please be patient!! If you miss out on this preorder, there will be more available in a few months once all of the first round ones are sent out!

Washing instructions: please note that they are all cotton, so slight shrinking may occur. I'd recommend washing inside out to protect the embroidery, then hanging to dry. You can also low heat tumble dry them but more shrinking may occur that way.

Please email us with any further questions! clammyheartinfo@gmail.com.

Customer Reviews

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the cardigan is so soft and cozy, it’s definitely one of my best ones now!!
I was afraid that the XL may not be as oversized as I would have wished as I’m usually a size L, but in the end it’s perfect. Not too big but not tight either, I love it. Thank you so much!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


My cardigan arrived yesterday and it is extremely cute and comfortable. I'm almost too afraid to wear it in fear of messing it up!

Bear-y Great! (Imsorrylmao)

I got this near Christmas and was so happy when it arrived! It's very soft and comfortable, and the patches on the arms are so well made! I really enjoy having the buttons on the cardigan, I get cold a lot so it really helps keep my warmth. I Had no problem with fitting it either, the sizing available is great! My only problem is my cat might love sitting on it more than I anticipated haha
Thank you Clammy Heart for my new favorite sweater! <3

The cutest mail ever!

So worth the wait! So much talent and time went into this piece. CH was so communicative about the process and time line of the production of this cardigan. I can’t wait to wear it!


Let customers speak for us

326 reviews
So cute!

Absolutely adorable, and way warmer than I was expecting so it's probably best for fall and winter! Still, I'll likely be wearing it in other seasons anyways, especially since it has pockets

I love it!

The Moon Phase cardigan is absolutely adorable! I have worn it almost everyday since I received it! I love the design and it is super comfy!

I just need to wash it maybe

The cotton yarn was a bit rougher than I thought it would be for a cardigan, but if I wash it with fabric softener it should be no problem. The seam for the very bottom hem on the back right panel was sewn unevenly, so there was risk of unraveling. No problem though, I just hand stitched it to reinforce and pull the looser strands together. Embroidery itself was top notch! It goes very well with my other final frontier items.

Super Hugh Quality!

Honestly, the quality shocked me!!!! I know Clam does the embroidery but doesn’t make the cardigans themself but wow! The cardigan was super nice and soooo warm! Thanks!

Orange Blossom Fluffy Hat

I absolutely love this hat so far! I've had it about 3 weeks, but have not washed it yet. I have a larger head, but this hat fits over my textured hair well. It also looks nice with the rim folded up.