Lemon Blossom Embroidered Tote Bag!

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All our designs are machine embroidered directly. The embroidery is done in house at our small, pacific northwest studio. Because we embroider them ourselves please note that these will not be immediate deliveries, and it may take 1-3 months before you receive your order. Every order will receive an email notification when they are shipped!

There are two separate types of bags, the Natural Bag is 14.5"x15.5", while the Canvas Bag comes in Yellow and is 14.5"x16". Please note the slight difference and refer to the appropriate image provided!

  • Natural Tote Bags
  • 6 oz., 100% cotton canvas tote
  • 22” handles
  • Size 14.5” x 15.5”

  • Yellow Tote Bags
  • oz., 100% cotton canvas tote
  • 22" handles
  • Size 14.5" x 16"